An Expertise in Gemstones Business working with world Jewelry Giants, brings to you the most beautiful colors of Nature Captured in precious Gemstones.

Miranda Group is the world’s foremost authority on exotic colored gemstones. We source the best sparkling gemstones form the group’s own mine and associates mines. We have production, business operations and subsidiaries across four continents. Our international teams are all dedicated to delivering the finest color-stones available in the industry direct from the source. We aim to offer our clients a wide range of quality color-stones and stunning elegant jewelry at
the most competitive prices.

CTC - Colorstone Trading Council

An acknowledged Certificate of Origin

This Certificate guarantees excellence and fair trade
throughout each and every aspect of the gem’s production, from the careful extraction process in the mines to ultimately, faceting. It belongs to the Miranda Group an undisputed worldwide authority in gemstones, which owns and explores mines in Brazil and Africa (renowned sites for the most representative gem deposits in the world).

CTC ‘s headquarters are located in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and hold in their portfolio many of the world’s giants in the gem and jewelry industry.

issued by CAM LI , G.G. (GIA)
Chief Gemologist
Director of Miranda Group