By extracting these gems of the earth directly from our own mines or associate mines in Brazil and Africa – two sources of the world’s best colored gemstones – andtransforming them into finely cut stones and sophisticated jewelry ourselves, we areable to bypass all middlemen and pass on our cost savings to our valued customers.

Miranda Captivating the world with Color-stone

Thanks to the fact that we have several of our own mines, we are able to pursue a vertical integration strategy that eliminates the middleman, whereby lowering production costs similar.

As a further advantage, we have associate mines in Brazil that provide us with a steady supply of quartz, andalusite, aquamarine, and more emeralds. And thanks to our excellent relations with other mines, we have direct access to high grades of all our other color-stones so as to guarantee their availability to clients at all times.

These assets and links allow us to pursue a vertical integration strategy that eliminates the middleman, thereby lowering our production costs considerably. This is because we obtain our raw color-stones direct from their sources in the earth at cost, cut and polish them at our superb advanced facilities in China, Thailand, and Brazil, and fashion them into beautiful jewelry either conceptualized by our team of talented designers, or custom-crafted to the specifications of our clients.

Furthermore, by promoting our alluring color-stones through private viewings for distinguished clients, we benefit from their word-of-mouth advertising and achieve considerable additional savings that are passed on to the customer. In future we are planning on offering our captivating color-stones to an even bigger clientele by showcasing them at counters in established stores.